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Load Bank Testing

We have 500 KW resistive load bank available. Customer can get their generators load tested and certified from us. We are among few companies in U.A.E., who provides load testing on customer site. Just call (or email) us and our professional team will visit your location with load bank and all diagnostic tools. Upon completion of load test, we would submit a detailed report of your generator’s health.

Resistive load bank

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Resistive load banks can be used for testing AC supplies (at unity power factor) or for DC batteries discharge or UPS testing. The load bank size is expressed in kilowatts (kW) or amps (A) at the rated voltage.

Froment's standard load banks can be used for testing supplies up to a voltage of 690Vac or 500Vdc. The MS range, based on a welded monocoque or modular chassis construction, is primarily for single or three phase testing at up to 2000kW at 690V.

  • Available power ratings: Up to 500KW
  • Operating voltages: 380V to 415V, 50Hz
  • Sigma Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHT) - robust and user friendly interface
  • Sigma Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHT)- features include impact load testing and parallel control of multiple load banks
  • LoadView-AC working with Windows XP or Windows 7 OS, and powerful GUI and with ease to issue reports of the completed test.

Intelligent hand held terminal

Diesel Generators Dubai | Power Tools & Spare Parts in Dubai  Adpower

The Sigma Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHT) provides full load control and three-phase instrumentation on any Froment Sigma-equipped load bank.

The IHT is housed in a tough enclosure providing IP65 protection. It can be operated up to 1km from the load bank, and simple plug/socket connections allow a single controller to operate multiple load banks. Multi language support includes English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

PC based load bank controller

Diesel Generators Dubai | Power Tools & Spare Parts in Dubai  Adpower

The Sigma PC Load Control is a Windows-based alternative to the Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHT) on a Froment Sigma-equipped load bank. It provides enhanced load control, transient-speed instrumentation, real-time graphs, full data acquisition and reporting.

The software includes quick-start wizards, and can be extensively configured by the user for particular applications. Load control and data capture can be controlled manually or automatically. Instrumentation measurements are made using high accuracy voltage and current transformers located within the load bank and the data is saved to disk along with the active supply details. Data can be printed out in report format, as in this example, or exported for analysis using other software packages. The Sigma PC System is developed in-house using Microsoft® Visual Studio./p>

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