Air Filter

For peace of mind buy Perkins genuine air filters...

  • Perkins air filters are manufactured to the original equipment specification
  • Filters are specified as engines are designed and developed

Ineffective air filtration is a major cause of accelerated turbo and cylinder component wear, which can be costly to repair.

When cleaning the oil-cooled air filter, make sure that the old oil is disposed of in the correct way in order to safeguard the environment.

The spongy filtering material in oil-cooled air filters must not be soaked in oil.

High level performance

The production of high quality air filters requires extensive industrial know-how, cutting edge technology and top quality filter materials.

Original Iveco air filters conform to the highest quality standards and are produced with excellent materials. Filters are tested with rigorous control systems, guaranteeing that dirt, dust and small particles even microscopic, cannot gain access into the engine.

High level performance is maintained as they preserve pressure drop, power reduction, pollution and excessive fuel consumption.

Internal combustion engines consume large quantities of air, which has to be filtered in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the system and correct fuel consumption. Air filters are the lungs of the vehicle and are designed to perform its tasks under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

A guarantee for high engine durability The gradual clogging of the air filter reduces engine performance because it decreases the necessary air flow and produces a richer air-fuel mixture that causes the exhaust of unburnt fuel in the form of black smoke. To prevent this from happening, the air filter should be replaced at the recommended interval.

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