Oil Filter

Oil filters may be a small part of your engine, but they are an essential part of your engine. They work hard to protect your engine by removing any contaminents that would otherwise damage your engines internal components.

For peace of mind buy Perkins genuine oil filters...

  • Our oil filters are manufactured to the original equipment specification
  • Filters are specified as engines are designed and developed
  • Perkins oil filters have Anti-drain back valves to prevent oil draining back ensuring your engine contains oil, where required from initial start up
  • Bypass valves are included in our oil filters protecting your engine, by allowing oil to circulate even when the filter becomes blocked
  • Perkins has a complete understanding of all of your engine requirements

Make sure that the drained oil, the oil filter and the oil it contains are disposed of in the correct way in order to safeguard the environment.

  • Pay attention to the temperature of the oil filter when the filter itself is replaced.

To guarantee a long engine lifespan and keep it running smoothly.

Original Iveco oil filters are produced with top quality elements - paper with the right degree of porosity, suitable gaskets and strong springs.

The oil collects metallic particles from the engine wear and combustion residue (carbon, silicates, etc.). The oil filter is assembled on the lubrication system to retain these particles, allowing optimal lubrication and preventing premature engine wear.

Oil Filtration

Oil is filtered by passing through a porous medium that retains the impurities that obstruct these same pores of the filtering material, reducing its permeability. This is why the filter must be replaced at the recommended interval (at least once a year).

Iveco oil filters meet the everincreasing demands of modern engines

  • Longer oil change intervals, with increasingly smaller filters.
  • Resistance to new synthetic oils.
  • Stricter anti-pollution regulations.
  • High thermal, chemical and mechanical demands.

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