Fuel Filter

For peace of mind buy Perkins genuine fuel filters...

  • Perkins fuel filters are manufactured to the original equipment specification
  • Filters are specified as engines are designed and developed

Poor fuel filtration / water separation causes the majority of fuel injection pump failure. 99 percent of fuel injection pumps that require replacing, have suffered from fuel contamination.

Dirt and water in fuel could cause the following damage to your engine...

  • Fuel injection pump failure
  • Dirty and blocked nozzles
  • Excessive smoke
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Piston damage due to faulty injectors

It is possible to run the engine at temperatures below 0°C using special winter fuels.

These fuels reduce the formation of paraffin in diesel at low temperatures. If paraffin forms in the diesel, the fuel filter becomes blocked interrupting the flow of fuel.

Protect your engine and optimize long-term performance

The fuel must be filtered to eliminate contaminating elements that may cause engine arrest or serious damage to the injection system.

Diesel filters are also essential because they separate the drops of water present in the fuel.

Iveco diesel filters, with high-water separation capacity, protect the direct injection system of modern diesel engines and are designed to eliminate water particles found in the fuel.

Iveco fuel filters are compatible with all the new high-pressure injection systems.

  • Injection pressure from 1500 to 2000 bar.
  • Higher flow than with the traditional system.
  • Longer time between replacements, with increased demand for reliability.
  • Multifunction system (sensors, heaters, fuel recirculation, water discharge).
  • Separation of water and of initial impurities.

Iveco fuel filters are adapted with a chevron pleating which guarantees 20% duration increase of the filter with one of equal volume. The major benefits of this technology are increased filtration efficiency and capacity, extended replacement intervals and the reduced risk of engine failure.

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