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With Adpower, your system is in GOOD HANDS

With one of Adpower's Maintenance Support Packages, , our customers can be sure that their equipment is always operating at the best possible performance and efficiency.

The best way to ensure your equipment is running optimally at its peak performance level is to maintain it fully & regularly as per the OEM requirements. Adpower takes care of your maintenance requirements fully. Before we set up our maintenance regime, our trained engineers visit your site and conduct a Site Survey inspecting your equipment and your operations. We then select the optimal regime according to your needs; ensuring it is the most cost-effective solution possible that maintains your operational availability..

Our team of Engineers and Technicians offer a 3-Phase Maintenance Regime.

Three-Phase Maintenance Regime

  • 1) Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM)

  • 2) Preventative Maintenance

  • 3) Corrective Maintenance

Features of AdPower's Support

  • 24 x 7 Round-the-Clock Support

  • Rapid deployment teams

  • Fully OEM-Trained

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance Programs

  • Increased Availabilty

  • Training Programs


Use of on-condition maintenance shall enable early detection of failures before they happen. This enables the correct preventive maintenance regime to be initiated, and ensures high operational availability. On-condition monitoring can be managed by Adpower for you. Our OEM-trained engineers have knowledge of potential failure modes and can predict problems before they occur.
If, during an inspection, our specialists find evidence that any equipment is approaching the end of its life, then it will be possible to prevent the failure from happening and replace the equipment. In this way CBM will be implemented to improve maintenance agility and responsiveness, increase operational availability, and reduce life cycle total ownership costs.


Our fully-trained team, working with our partner OEMs, have developed a preventative maintenance regime which is designed to minimize system downtime and limit the number of system faults.
The Preventative Maintenance regime will be put in place to support the deployed systems. This shall be performed by the our support team in-country as detailed below:

1) Our Field Service Engineers deployed shall conduct PPM (regular health checks) of the system on a regular basis (agreed with client).
2) The FSEs shall receive on-condition monitoring data from the system condition monitoring console and shall prepare with the appropriate spare parts and repair tools to address faults.
3) The FSE shall be supported by Adpower's Repair Team reaching back to provide support from OEMs.
4) The FSEs shall carry a pool of spares, additionally some spares should be retained at customer site.
5) Maintenance routines will be carried out as per Maintenance schedule based on condition monitoring, risk analysis and MTBF data.


Corrective maintenance shall be performed by the FSE at-site.
The FSE shall perform the maintenance task required to identify, isolate, and rectify a fault so that the failed equipment or component can be restored to the operational condition within the tolerances required for its operations.
The Corrective Maintenance task shall be managed within our maintenance program to ensure the repair is made to the required standard, using approved repair procedures and approved equipment.

Adpower Additional Services

Adpower is passionate about keeping your operation running. We provide a wide range of services to support you:

  • Systems Design and Engineering

  • Project Engineering & Management

  • System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Installation, Commissioning & Testing

  • Field and Site Surveys

  • Training _ Maintenance & Operation

  • Emergency Support Service Hotline - 24 x 7

Spare Parts

Adpower possesses a large inventory on Spare Parts. We offer 24 x 7 support and delivery. For almost 20 years we have assisted operators to save money without risk of reliability. The difference between a spare part that is genuine and one not is difficult to see, however the result of fitting a non genuine-part can be catastrophic.
Small differences can result in dimished power, insufficient lubration, poor fuel economy, premature wear and catastrophic engine failure.
We provide spare parts for low and medium speed engines Generator Sets, Water Pumps, Water Filtration Systems, Gas Turbines and more

  • Extensive Inventory of Parts

  • Authorized Parts Distributor for most OEMs

  • Access to OEM data

  • Installation, Commissioning & Testing

  • Quickly & Precisely Identify Required Parts

  • Domestic & International Shipments

  • Emergency Support Service Hotline - 24 x 7

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