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ADPOWER Provides Water Pumping Solutions

For almost 20 years, AdPower have been providing industrial solutions to customers in the Middle East. We have grown to become a diverse water solutions company, integrating Water Pumping solutions into a Total Water Management package.

Our team of industrial designers & engineers will design a pump solution tailored to your needs. We will take a full evaluation of your exact requirements, carry out site surveys as required, and produce detailed reports, technology specifications and drawings to design a complete water solution.

Water Pumping Solutions

AdPower has developed Water Pumping Solutions that deliver unmatched flexibility for reliable water supply. We supply both AC and DC power solutions and also supply solar solutions with no ongoing energy costs.

From low-flow to large-scale solar-powered water supply, AdPower provide highly optimised water solutions that matches any application from individual homes to complete communities. We specialise in solutions for developing countries.

Our standard, and custom-designed water solutions are reliable and cost-effective. As well as conventional plants, we specialize in solutions that are modular, scalable, and quick to deploy. With remote monitoring software you can control all your water pumping requirements.

Benefits of AdPower's STP solutions

  • Low operating costs and no energy costs

  • Compact and simple to operate

  • 100 different pumps choices available – capacities and types

  • Ideal for remote access sites

  • Highly reliable pump choices

  • Remote monitoring software

  • Minimum maintenance required

Unique Features AdPower's STP solutions

  • AC and DS power solutions

  • Renewable energy solution (solar/hybrid)

  • Ideal for plants requiring a small footprint and easy operation

  • Rapid deployment & installation

  • Modular & Scalable

  • Tank storage options - 24 hrs/day access

  • Reduced water loss

AdPower solution offer you the possibility to pump the water in the areas which are not supplied by electricity. Our products are the best solution to supply villages and families with clean and abundant water.

AdPower offers economically advantageous and technically proven solutions for every application, from individual pumps for simple wells to complete water plants:

Our complete range covers

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