Gas Turbine Power Plants by Adpower

Gas Turbines

Gas Turbine Power Plants

Gas Turbine power plants is the most common source of base load power utilizing Gas and Liquid fuel. Adpower supplies a wide range of power plants from 500kW to 100,000kW in both simple cycle and combined cycle configuration.

Turbine engine power plant produce power by mixing ambient air with fuel in a combustion cycle and producing power using a generator. Most power plants are single shaft where the generator is on the same shaft as turbine engine and exhaust heat is utilized to generate steam.

Turbine Engine Syetem

Modern turbine engines operate on multiple fuels as shown including waste gases and crude oil. The heat generated by the turbine engine is used in down steam process or steam generation. Typical combined cycle power plant will use the steam to operate a steam turbine to produce additional power.

Mobile Turbine Power Plants

Adpower supplies mobile power plants for fast erection and temporary power at remote locations. Mobile power plants can operate on gas or liquid fuel and can be commissioned in less than 30 days.

  • 500kW — Turbotech LCGT

  • 1500kW — Kawasaki

  • 2000kW — OPRA OP16

  • 2400kW — RR 501KB

  • 3500kW — RR 501KB5

  • 4000kW — RR 501KB7

  • 5000kW — RR 501KB7+

  • 10,000kW — GE10

  • 12,000kW — MANN / BMW

  • 12,000kW — LM2500

  • 18,000kW — GE Frame 5

  • 32,000kW — GE Frame 6

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