Adpower Diesel Generators


ADPOWER Provides World-class Generator Solutions

For almost 20 years, Adpower have been providing industrial solutions to customers in the Middle East. We have grown to become a diverse and efficient generator provider, offering a complete range of AC and DC generators.

Strategically located in Dubai, Adpower serves off-grid power requirements for construction, telecom, rail and oil & gas industries in the MENA region. Adpower markets both standard & innovative generators, services & turnkey solutions to companies across the globe, with a strong focus on customized solutions for a wide range of engineering companies & large-scale projects.

Our team of industrial designers & engineers will design a generator solution tailored to your needs. We will take a full evaluation of your exact requirements, carry out site surveys as required, and produce detailed reports, technology specifications and drawings to design a complete power solution.

Benefits of AdPower's Generator solutions

  • Compact and simple to operate

  • Cost Effective

  • Safe to Use

  • Lowest Emission levels

  • Low noise and vibration isolation

  • Easier to Maintain

  • Lowest cost of operation

  • Harsh environment operation

Unique Features AdPower's Generator solutions

  • Ideal for plants requiring a small footprint and easy operation

  • Rapid deployment & installation

  • Modular & Scalable

  • Containerised with full digital control

  • Improved load acceptance

  • Widest variety of fuels

Generator Solutions

Adpower has developed Complete Generator Packages to bring you peace of mind with a full line of reliable powerplants backed by world-class service and support.

Our generators are equipped with full instrumentation for real-time, remote, or on-site monitoring of key process parameters. They can be fully automated and controlled by our innovative smart operation suite, which allows for real-time response and optimized savings in operating costs.

From our Dubai headquarters, we support the entire lifecycle of our power generator sets from specification and installation to complete after sales service. Our large facility allows us to stock a comprehensive range of generator sets and genuine spare parts, allowing prompt delivery to customers across the Middle East and Africa.

Generator Data Sheets

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